We make modern, geometric, custom chess sets and other tabletop games. Almost all of our products are handmade and unique. We have designed and handmade close to a thousand custom chess sets and we have a thousand happy customers to prove it! If you'd like to design a custom chess set, custom GO set or any other product, reach out to us and we'll get back to you asap. A personalized gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Travel Chess Set Magnets Self Positioning

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This is a 3D printed, magnetized, compact and modern travel chess set. The best thing is that the pieces self-position when you flip the board for a new game! Like magic!

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  • Maria on Jan 23, 2024


    “The coolest chess set I’ve ever seen” according to my fiancé. I got it as a gift for my brother in college. It’s an awesome set for someone who’s on the go and doesn’t have the space for a large decorative set, the pieces are sleek and modern but still easy to tell apart. It’s pricey but definitely worth every penny! Also love the fact that when picking up the board the pieces will almost set themselves love the attention to detail. I was hesitant about it being 3D printed but the pieces are quality!"

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  • R on May 25, 2020


    "The Short: order was turned around quickly, with customizations, the pieces look awesome, and placoncept was so helpful and agreeable.The Long: 20 years ago I received a handmade chessboard as a present while in Brazil. It’s glass and I also have some handmade wooden pieces to go with it. They’re one of a kind and irreplaceable. Lately, my daughters have been playing and, as kids do, they occasionally drop the heavier wooden pieces on the glass top and on the floor. So I started looking for a second set of pieces. I found these cool modern looking ones, asked if I could customize them in the colors of the Brazilian flag, and they were here a couple weeks later. Everything about the transaction was smooth, and placoncept was easy to work with and very accommodating. Plus my wife likes these better than the brown pieces I had!"

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  • Thomas on Nov 24, 2023


    "The products I received were the Personalized Travel Set, and the Black Concrete Chess Board. I am aware that the price may be a point of concern for many interested parties, as I too was, in all honesty, a bit reluctant at first to indulge myself in such premium products. However, upon receiving these products, and handling them in person, I could not dare to hope for such quality and care from any other craftsman. The materials are sturdy, stylish, functional. Sait has done breathtaking work with his designs: they are inspired. Efficient. Refreshing. It is plainly obvious that his passions and talents are made manifest in these works. He was entirely accommodating to my (numerous) requests and questions, and was sincere, earnest, and lovely to work with. Do not hesitate to support this shop: it, and its owner, are remarkable."

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  • Nathan on Apr 18, 2022


    Would give ten stars if able! Amazing quality of product, and the absolute best customer service. The Resin pieces have an amazing weight to them. It was such a pleasant, hassle-free experience buying from placoncept, and the chess set is beautiful!

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  • Sayshie on Jan 6, 2021


    Absolutely stunning board. One of a kind. Exceptionally well made. Seller was outstanding and answered my query promptly. Shipping and packaging was amazing. Was worried there would be damage to the marble with such a long distance of shipping internationally, but the seller has packed the board extremely well. Thankyou so much for this beautiful gift!

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  • Vincent on May 20, 2020


    "I ordered black marble Go board. It's a beauty! What I was especially impressed about was his promptness in response during the whole process and the level of customization. He customized the grid sizes to my specifications. He custom engraved "COVID-19" on the board upon my request. I wanted to remember that this Go board was made in commemoration of this historic shelter in residence period. Huge Thanks"

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