Alexis on May 25, 2020
"Such an amazing set. So thrilled. Thank you"

Tim on Nov 28, 2020
"Just received this set in the mail, and it is absolutely stunning. Yes, my wife and I watched The Queen’s Gambit and decided we had a chess-shaped hole in our lives — just like the rest of the country. So we did some perusing, and the minute we saw this set, we knew there wouldn’t be another that could compete. If you like minimalistic/geometric design, you won’t be disappointed. The whole thing is very high quality, complete with a felted bottom on the board, numbers and letters on the rank/file in both directions, and nicely weighted pieces. We both absolutely love it, and can’t wait to show it off when we’re allowed to have people over again (please, God, let that be soon)! Thank you so much for designing this beautiful, one-of-a-kind chess set."

Jill on Aug 13, 2019
"These arrived super quickly. I bought them to bring on a trip to Europe. They are the perfect blend of lightweight and sturdy. And very stylish!"

Rym on Jun 5, 2020
"Amazing customer service.
Beautiful design.
Great quality and size.
Indeed the most precious gift I've given!
Thank you a lot!"

Eric on Jun 1, 2020
"The customer service was fantastic. They took the time to make sure I was completely happy with my customizations, and it looks even better in person!"

R on May 25, 2020
"The Short: order was turned around quickly, with customizations, the pieces look awesome, and placoncept was so helpful and agreeable.
The Long: 20 years ago I received a handmade chessboard as a present while in Brazil. It’s glass and I also have some handmade wooden pieces to go with it. They’re one of a kind and irreplaceable. Lately, my daughters have been playing and, as kids do, they occasionally drop the heavier wooden pieces on the glass top and on the floor. So I started looking for a second set of pieces. I found these cool modern looking ones, asked if I could customize them in the colors of the Brazilian flag, and they were here a couple weeks later. Everything about the transaction was smooth, and placoncept was easy to work with and very accommodating. Plus my wife likes these better than the brown pieces I had!"

Vincent on May 20, 2020
"I ordered black marble Go board. It's a beauty! What I was especially impressed about was his promptness in response during the whole process and the level of customization. He customized the grid sizes to my specifications. He custom engraved "COVID-19" on the board upon my request. I wanted to remember that this Go board was made in commemoration of this historic shelter in residence period. Huge Thanks"

Miguelito on Apr 30, 2020
"This set is even more gorgeous in person than I had imagined, and I had high expectations! It's the perfect size and the details are jaw-dropping. The weight of the pieces and the board, the felt beneath each, the precision of the laser cuts make this a true work of art!"

Brandon on Mar 24, 2020
"Awesome how well the board and pieces have been constructed! Amazing customer service as well. Answered all my questions and shipped in timely manner."

Cathleen on Feb 28, 2020
"Perfect birthday present! Thank you!"

Ryan on Feb 18, 2020
"Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship and design. Seller even customized the underside of my board, providing even greater value. Great packaging as well, arrived safe and sound."