Hello and welcome to our shop!

I'm Sait and I'm the founder and designer of PLA Concept, a small business from sunny San Diego, California! I've been an industrial designer for 10+ years; designing, making and selling all kinds of products for people to enjoy. I like clean, aesthetic, modern designs.

What is PLA? Well, it's a material we use to make our prototypes from. Even though most of our products are made from strong and durable resin, they all started with PLA. It also forms some of our favorite words: PLAY! PLACE! PLANT! We are focused on games that have rarely changed designs. We want to bring clean aesthetic and unique modernism to all these games!

We are starting with one of our favorite games in the world, chess! Chess is seen as a sophisticated game -which it can be- but it has very simple rules. It’s one of those things that take minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. We value thoughtful design so we have spent more than three years to develop this collection. Also we are launching planters, coasters and jewelry holders with the same concept.

All designs by PLA Concept are handcrafted in small batches. We are trying to minimize waste by reducing unnecessary packaging and reusing boxes and wraps where possible.